Santa Cruz Bicycles I Advertising
I worked closely with Founder Rob Roskopp on all aspects of graphic design for Santa Cruz Bicycles from the beginning, (after the first bike the Tazman was released in 1996) until 2008.      We were good friends, ex-housemates and partners in traveling the world to skateboard, so we had the same vision for what SCB should look and feel like. We brought the skate vibe into the bike industry and it worked . We were told from all the publications that Santa Cruz Bicycles consistently had the best ad campaign year after year. One of the publications actually hired me to layout one of their covers with the same imagery as one of our older campaigns. It’s so fulfilling when you have the chance to work with a client that has the same vision as you do.
Shown: 3 different Ad Campaigns that were each used for a 1 year period.