Goosetown Lounge I T-Shirt Design

These Illustrations were created for a T-Shirt Design for the legendary Goosetown Lounge Yosemite Run. This was a fun but semi challenging project, how do you make a goose look cool? Well, throw an old leather helmet on it’s head and a cigar in it’s mouth, that’s a start. The flared out wings concept was a reference and ode to the Dogtown Graphics that Wes Humpston used to create for the legendary skaters from that area (Santa Monica/Venice Beach) in the mid 70’s.
First slide shows the artwork for back placement, second slide shows the artwork for chest placement.
The Goosetown Lounge is inarguably Willow Glen’s most famous drinking establishment, but few people know there’s a lot of history behind the unusual name.
According to Gary Rovai, who with his wife Lynn owns Goosetown Lounge, a long time ago the residents of the area, who were mostly Italian immigrants, would catch geese that stopped in as part of their migration, clip their wings and keep ’em around for their big holiday dinners. (not as guests…)